Exploring the Shadows of Friendship and Self-Deception in Lana Orndorff's 'Missing Colors'

"Missing Colors" by Lana Orndorff is a masterfully somber novel that treads the delicate line between our deepest truths and the lies we tell ourselves. As we journey with childhood friends Logan Ritter and Hunter James through a summer fraught with uncertainty and self-deception, Orndorff challenges us to confront the realities we often choose to ignore.


At this novel's heart are Logan and Hunter, beautifully flawed protagonists whose codependent history is ingrained within the fabric of their being. Logan, enmeshed in academia and surrogate familial roles, epitomizes denial, while Hunter's spiral into alcoholism marks a descent into his own private darkness. Orndorff's portrayal of their intertwined destinies is nuanced, avoiding cliché and inviting readers to ponder the countless unspoken dimensions of long-term attachments.

Goodreads users have embraced "Missing Colors" with warmth and enthusiasm, conferring an impressive 4.55-star rating. The high percentage of 5-star reviews echoes its profound impact on readers. Indeed, this book worthy of acclaim embraces the complexity of human nature with unflinching honesty.

For the benefit of potential readers, I have been meticulous in avoiding plot disclosures that could mar the experience of discovery and have flagged any discussion that nears spoiler territory.

Author Insights:

To convey an authentic understanding of Lana Orndorff's inspirations we draw from her public statements and the thematic richness of her work. Orndorff is deeply affected by the emotional intricacies of human connections, and it is this fascination that breathes life into the complex characters of "Missing Colors."

"Missing Colors" contributes to the literary and contemporary fiction genres with its raw and psychologically astute exploration of human frailties. Comparable to the haunting introspections found in works like Hanya Yanagihara’s "A Little Life" or Celeste Ng’s "Everything I Never Told You," Orndorff’s narrative dwells on the intricate dance between internal conflict and external relationship dynamics, distinguishing it in the pantheon of introspective storytelling.

"Missing Colors" serves as both a mirror and a window - reflecting our own potential for self-deception while offering a view into the lives of others grappling with similar shadows. This novel is a testament to Orndorff's prowess in crafting viscerally genuine characters and narratives that resonate on multiple levels. With its compelling exploration of the complexities inherent in lifelong friendships and self-concept, "Missing Colors" is more than just a novel—it is an experience that demands introspection and rewards readers with profound emotional enlightenment.

Additional Information:

"Missing Colors" can be found across various retailers in print and eBook formats. For those seeking to embrace the full spectrum of Lana Orndorff's narrative talents, her other works including "The Narrative of Mary James" are available. Readers can also connect with Orndorff directly through her website at Three South Press or by following her on Instagram at @lanaorndorff_author.

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