Missing Colors

By: Lana Orndorff


"Full of Suspense and the Complexity of Relationships"


Friends since childhood, Logan Ritter and Hunter James are now only held together by family ties and a history of codependency.

Logan is a doctoral student and teacher who wraps himself in work, Hunter's parents, and his other long-time friend, Missy.

Meanwhile, Hunter, struggling to balance his summer undergraduate courses, a part-time job, and his ever-increasing alcoholism, becomes obsessed with a misguided young woman he's never met. As their university town experiences unprecedented fear in the summer of 2002, each man's life becomes blurred by self-absorption, assumptions, and full-on delusions.

When faced with some undeniable truths, Logan and Hunter must decide how to untangle themselves from the false realities to which they've been clinging. Missing Colors is a dark, yet relatable, novel that explores the power internal narratives have to obscure the truth about ourselves and the people we claim to love.

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