The Narrative Of Mary James

By: Lana Orndorff

Despite hiding a myriad of secrets, Kingsbury's newest residents, Jack and Mary James, are fitting in well. To neighbors, the handsome Vietnam Veteran and the quiet hospital administrator exemplify a young all-American couple. Behind closed doors, though, the newlyweds struggle with mental health issues, fear of Mary’s abusive first husband, and Jack’s sexuality.

The foundation of their platonic love is strong, but the James’ picture-perfect life is built on fragile ground. As they cement relationships with Kingsbury locals, including the vivacious drama teacher across the street, an attractive new neighbor, and a mysterious therapist, shadows of Mary’s and Jack’s traumatic pasts threaten to reveal their intricate trail of half-truths and fictional personal details. The Narrative of Mary James offers a raw look at an unconventional marriage in 1970's suburban America with an in-depth exploration of love in all its beautiful and messy forms.

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